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For Your Comfort & Enjoyment

A little advance planning will make your trip both comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some tips from members of the Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation who have been spending many hours working at the lighthouse:

1. Restroom facilities are extremely limited on the lighthouse and are reserved for emergencies only. Please remember this prior to boarding. Restroom facilities are available in the ferry terminal.

2. The sun can be harsh on the water. Protect yourself with a good sunscreen.

3. The weather is often cooler on the launch and the lighthouse than it is on shore. It may also be windy. You may consider bringing a windbreaker or a light sweater.

4. Greenhead flies and other insects can be a nuisance at certain times of the year. Consider applying a repellant before arriving or bring one along.

5. You are welcome to bring along water, light snacks, etc. Food and water may be purchased at the snack bar in the ferry terminal. But please remember that everything carried to the lighthouse must be carried off. Please bring any trash you may have back to shore with you.

6. Nothing will spoil your outing faster than a queasy stomach. If you are inclined to seasickness, remember to be prepared.

7. And by all means, donít forget your camera gear! The launch will first take you to the far end of the breakwater to allow participants to take photos of the lighthouse from the water while tour leaders prepare for your arrival at the light. Once on the lighthouse, you will find a wealth of things you will want to photograph. Please guard your photo gear well. The Foundation cannot be responsible for loss or damage. We suggest you always wear the camera strap around your neck to avoid dropping the camera into the bay or onto concrete and metal surfaces.

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