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For Your Safety

Your safety is important to the DRBLHF at all times. To insure a safe and enjoyable tour, please review the following safety requirements.

 Please make a commitment to follow these instructions, heed the directions of tour guides and launch personnel at all times, and obey any posted warnings at the lighthouse.

1.  Tour participants must sign the waiver sent to them in advance and return it by mail or bring it along on the day of the tour. No on will be allowed on the tour who does not submit a waiver.

2.  Tour participants are not permitted on the open deck of the launch while it is en route to the lighthouse. All passengers must be seated inside the cabin during the trip., except during the photo stop just before disembarking at the lighthouse.

3.  Tour participants are required to wear personal floatation devices (life jackets) as they board and disembark the launch.
These personal floatation devices are provided.

4.  Some areas of the lighthouse may be closed, please respect posted boundaries during your visit.  

5.  Tour participants are never allowed on the breakwater wall. 

5.  Stairways and deck surfaces can be slippery when wet. Please watch your step for uneven floors and bulkheads that may be trip hazards and hold railings when possible.

6.  You will be touring a site that is undergoing active work, climbing steep stairs, and boarding in a marine environment. It is important that you wear sneakers, boat shoes or other flat, sturdy, rubber soled foot ware.  Open-toe shoes, flip-flops, and string sandals are never permitted.  The Foundation reserves the right to refuse to let anyone wearing inappropriate, unsafe footware to board the launch.

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