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Posted 3 May 2008

Volunteers open lighthouses for '08 season


It's a spider's-eye-view of the new landing deck gang plank, reinstalled by volunteers on Saturday, May 3, in preparation for lighthouse tours that begin May 31.

The first work trip of 2008 was blessed with fair weather and a hardy crew of volunteers.  Both Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse and Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse were opened after their winter furlough and prepared for the launch-loads of guests that will soon arrive.

Winter damage to the lighthouses was light.  Delaware Breakwater East End lost three windows -- an unusually high toll for the light on the inner breakwater -- but otherwise fared well.  Damage at Harbor of Refuge was confined to the breakwater wall and continued deterioration of painted surfaces of the lighthouse.

Both lighthouses got their spring cleaning, now a routine so well known to workers that they can put Mr. Clean to shame!

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